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Jeff Bezos Is Challenging Amazon’s Rivals To Raise Minimum Wages

Jeff Bezos Is Challenging Amazon's Rivals To Raise Minimum Wages

When it comes to e-commerce Amazon is that company which provides tons of amount of services and earn a tremendous amount of money through it. However, from the last few days, the topic of minimum wages is getting lots of popularity because many workers union are trying to force big corporations to raise wage rates. Now Jeff Bezos in his annual letter to shareholders has urged amazon’s rivals to raise the minimum wages. Jeff said, “Today I challenge to our competitors to raise the minimum wage from $15 to $16 and beat Amazon into this sector”.

Jeff said that this type of competition is what everyone needs since it will help many workers. If we look back then in 2018 Amazon raised its minimum wage to $15 for everyone who works for it. However, the company got many backlashes for this when it declared that workers are not going to get any bonuses and other lucrative. Now the same situation is going where Jeff is getting criticized by workers union for not raising minimum wages. But Jeff, on the other hand, thinks Amazon is already paying its workers more amount of money than its competitors.

Jeff believes the competition is making e-commerce companies take bold decisions and that’s why he is urging rivals to raise the minimum wages for their own workers. Currently, Walmart and Target are those companies who are a strong competitor of Amazon also they pay less amount of payments to workers as compared to Amazon. Previously Target has said that it is raising minimum wages to $13 from $12 and it plans to take hourly wages to 15 by the end of 2020. Now Jeff’s point is valid since Amazon is paying the right amount of money to its employees but still some workers are not happy with their pay scale, and they want a raise.

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