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NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Spots Self-Destructing Asteroid

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Spots Self-Destructing Asteroid

NASA’s Hubble Space telescope never fails to amaze humans with incredible images of the cosmic objects like Planets, Supernovas, Stars and Asteroids. Recently, Hubble telescope spotted an asteroid, which is travelling and spinning so fast that it’s disintegrating. This is the first time scientists have detected an asteroid which is destroying itself with tremendous speeds. According to the scientists, the asteroid is spinning with tremendous speeds, helping it losing all of the surface mass rapidly.

The asteroid is named as 6478 Gault and is locked in a permanent spin cycle. The stable spin cycle is the event in which an object keeps spinning permanently until its death. The 6478 Gault is spinning so rapidly, all of the contents on its surface are disintegrating and leaving a thin white tail of dust behind. Comparing it with other asteroids, the 6478 Gault is quite a big asteroid with 2.5 miles of size. Also, it is nearly 214 million miles away from the Sun, and it orbits the sun. Even if it far away from the sun, it is still leaving the trail like Comets do due to high spinning and disintegrating due to the speed.

The scientists are considering to study the white trail of dust left behind by the asteroid, as it will help them to understand the elements present on the surface of Asteroid. Olivier Hainaut of the European Southern Observatory said that there is no need to visit the Gault 6478 asteroid as the scientists can find information from the images of the white stream left by an asteroid. The spinning of Asteroid is considered a YORP effect, which happens due to the sunlight. When sunlight strikes the asteroid, the side that is exposed heats up, and the kinetic energy of the photons push the asteroid slightly. Once done enough time, it starts to revolve around itself, slipping into Permanent Spin Cycle.

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