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Twitter Restricts Individuals to Follow Up to 400 Users per Day

Twitter Restricts Individuals to Follow Up to 400 Users per Day

Twitter is taking strict steps to ensure user safety and remove the spam from the platform. In a recent announcement, the Safety team of Twitter announced that they are restricting the users to follow up to 400 users in a single day. The limit has been slashed from 1,000 daily follow and unfollow actions to 400 daily follow and unfollow. The company is taking steps to get rid of the spam accounts that are used to follow and unfollow other users automatically. With such spam accounts, the fake accounts and other accounts are getting a considerable number of followers within a few hours or a few minutes.

Twitter said that they are trying to reduce the “Follower Churn”, in which the users follow and unfollow multiple users at the same time in a single day to gain the followers. With the #Follow4Follow hashtag, the handles are gaining the followers rapidly and then unfollowing the others. The limit has no effect on the individual user who is enjoying the content from the followers and the people that person is following. Any user who has reached the limit of the following and unfollowing other users will receive the popup message saying “You are unable to follow more people at this time.”

The limit applies to all of the accounts on Twitter, except the Business accounts and Verified accounts. Such exempted accounts can follow 1,000 people per day, as per the old restrictions. Twitter has not officially shared the reason behind putting the limit on daily following count per user. But, it is apparent that the company is trying to eliminate the spam accounts and flagging them for manual review if they consistently attain the limit. But the tweet from Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of site integrity says that the limit of 400 followings per day will remove the spam from regular users feed and also it won’t affect the business accounts needs.

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